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Sunday 15 August 2010, 04:55 PM
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TurboCAD Professional v17.1 Build 49 Incl Keymaker-CORE | Size : 274.73 mb

TurboCAD Pro Platinum - maximum solution for the professional CAD design experienced designers. Built on the combined 2D drafting and 3D design surfaces, as well as recruiting tools TurboCAD Pro, this version includes a large number of additional technologies - ACIS solid modeling technology, D-Cubed technology and Lightworks Technology realistic rendering. In addition to all the platinum version includes additional tools from TurboCAD Pro 16 Architectural Edition and TurboCAD Pro 16 Mechanical Edition.
Joint Program in 2D and 3D design able to satisfy even the most demanding users. TurboCAD supports over 25 formats, including files of AutoCAD and 3D Studio. For a wide range of engineers and designers in Europe, Russia and the United States, TurboCAD has become the perfect complement or even substitute for such well-known design programs like AutoCAD, Archicad and 3D Studio.

Key features:

- Advanced Drawing Tools - Select Copy & Editing Tools - Annotation Tools - Parametric Parts, Blocks & Symbols - Block Attributes - NEW XREF Manager - Hatches Patterns and Line Styles - Improved ACIS Solid Modeling Engine - Improved LightWorks - Render Styles and Style Editor - Desktop Customization - Style Manager for Architectural Designs - Sections / Elevation Tools - Additional Mechanical Tools - DWG / DXF Import / Export - Google SketchUp File Import / Export - OBJ and 3DS files Import / Export

Key features:

- Combined 2D and 3D design - Realistic rednering - Compatibility with Microsoft Office - Built-in Microsoft's VBA - Additional tools drawing - Selection Tools and editing - Tools for annotation - The new manager XREF - Rendering styles and editor styles - Setting up the working environment interface - Style Manager for Architectural Design - Additional tools for mechanical design - Import and export files in the formats DWG / DXF, Google SketchUp and OBJ/3DS

Language: English

OS: WinAll

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