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Sunday 25 August 2013, 08:59 PM
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WindowsPatchLoader v1.0.3 | 5.95 Mb

Since there was no SP2 for Windows Seven yet i started my own Project named WindowsPatchLoader.
All Updates you download are from Microsoft.

[Windows Update Method]
windowsupdate method is like Windows Update and it's always up-to-date,
depends which Microsoft Software/Update you are currently installed.
I'm getting the Updates/Urls from Windows Update.
Hotfixes are not stored anywhere.

[Alternate Update Method]
There is also an alternate method to getting Updates for other systems while i am not able
to scan other systems than installed one.
Wherein i used text-files on my server to save all urls from wsusscn2.cab.
All urls are also from Microsoft. These files are updated weekly.
This Method was my first idea before beginning to write this tool.
As well as Windows Update too hotfixes are not stored anywhere.

But i do not recommend this Method while wsusscn2.cab does not contains all Updates.
There are only "critical" and "security relevant" updates.

[Updates Cleanup]
creates new folder with newest updates

[Categorized Patches]
downloadeded patches will be copied in categorized folders with newest updates
you must to put all updates in same folder.

to exclude selected updates

[KB Support]
to get more Information about selected update on Microsoft Knowledge Base

[Integrate] (BETA)
you are able to integrate updates to windows dvd.

changelog v1.0.3
new: superseded updates (2. variant)
update: windows update/microsoft update usage

Note: This Tool requires DotNetFramework

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