Title: Phantasy Star Portable
Language: English
Release Date: 03/03/09 (shipped on 3rd, in stores on 4th)
Size: 829MB

Phantasy Star Portable is an Action Role-Playing game, developed by Alfa System and published by Sega, which was released in 2009. A conversion of the second chapter of Phantasy Star Unlimited (titled Ambition of the Illuminus) customized for the PSP, Phantasy Star Portable features offline gameplay for up to four adventurers as well as a modified version of the Phantasy Star Unlimited: AotI story quest with new story material and a handful of new characters.

Phantasy Star Portable PSP
فقط کاربران عضو می توانند محتویات این قسمت را مشاهده کنند، در صورتی که عضو هستید وارد شوید و در غیر این صورت ثبت نام کنید.